Hey, friend! I'm Ash B.


I am the founder of the STRONG by Ash B (formerly Ash B Health and Fitness), the resistance workout trainer, and nutrition coach.


I believe that everyone, regardless of age, weight, past experiences with exercise and/or nutrition can create a healthy lifestyle for themselves with the right guidance.  In our program, we focus on mental health and improving our confidence, so we are better equipped to tackle the physical side, which we do with proper nutrition and resistance training (and cardio, if that's your jam).


Come on over, friend! You belong here!

Hi! I'm Robin.


I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and the cardio and core girl for STRONG by Ash B.


I joined the program as a member in December 2020, and immediately fell in love with everything about Ashlee's approach to fitness and nutrition. As if that wasn't enough to convince me this was the place for me, the support and encouragement of the community most definitely did.


Cardio is my jam. More importantly, helping others make it theirs is my jam, too.

Hey, friend! I'm Angel.


I am the yoga instructor here at Strong by Ash B.


I have not always been a yoga enthusiast, so trust me when I say, "I get it!"


Yoga wasn't always my gig either. I finally started seeing the benefits of a "yoga mindset" through my work with children who have been through severe trauma. Through my training as a Trauma Informed Educator, I realized that adding in this practice was not only helpful for those students with whom I worked, but for me as well! 


STRONG by Ash B Yoga is YOUR yoga. It is perfect for all ability levels.  Come join me to reset, de-stress, stretch, or just to do some mindful movement! 

Hello! I'm Jessica.


I am the STRONG by Ash B  physical therapist and my goal is to help you by sharing injury prevention tips, ways to treat common exercise related ailments, safety hints/body mechanic corrections, and help to make the most of your workouts.


Get ready for some fun! Let's do this! 

Mom & Podcast Chat

In early 2022, we were excited to have been featured guests on the Mom &... Podcast. During our time with Susanne and Missy, we chatted about our journey to STRONG, mindset toward health and fitness, self-doubt, mental health, identity, fitness for busy moms, and our upcoming 5kSTRONG.
It was such a fun experience for both of us. Give it a listen!


What equipment do I need to get started?

  • A set of dumbbells (I suggest 5, 8, or 10 pounds). 
  • A set of resistance bands (they range from $8-$15 on Amazon, at Walmart, or at sporting goods stores)
  • A STRONG by Ash B Membership (available in 1, 3, 6, or 12-month options)
  • A set of cloth resistance bands (sometimes easier to use for lower body work than regular resistance bands)
  • A mat or towel (for floor work)
  • A mirror (for watching form and progress; inexpensive dorm room mirrors work great!)


What kind of workouts are provided?

  • Daily 27-minute resistance training workouts are provided Monday through Friday, with additional weekend workout options available. Each weekday workout focuses on different muscle groups in a format that allows for total body strengthening in simple, but effective ways.
  • Optional cardio workouts are provided daily (27-minute workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; 15-minute workouts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).
  • Optional yoga workouts are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Workouts include everything from collective breaths to basic yoga and stretching.
  • All workouts are available via YouTube video the evening before their assigned day.



What if I've never worked out before?

That's okay! We were all beginners here at one time or another! The simple format of the STRONG by Ash B workouts allows for modifications when needed. As your strength builds, you'll likely find you need modifications less and less. Until then though, make the workouts work for YOU by modifying as often as needed. Your strength will come from your consistency, no matter how much or how little you have to 



Is there a set time of day I have to do the workouts?

Nope! The workouts are available each evening before their assigned day, so you are free to do the workouts at your convenience any time of day. If you are unable to get the workout done on its assigned day, it will be available for you to complete another day. 



Do you provide meal plans?

At STRONG by Ash B, it is our goal to give you the tools you'll need to make informed decisions about your nutrition choices, no matter where you are. Though meal plans are a simple, easy way to make initial progress toward goals, we aim higher by empowering you for a lifetime of success. When you have the confidence to make your own choices at restaurants, holiday parties, company picnics, and more, your success doesn't depend on meal plans. It belongs to you, every step of the way. 



I've already got my nutrition under control. Can I join just for the workouts?

Absolutely! Your membership at STRONG by Ash B comes with many different tools, programs, and add-ons designed to help you succeed on your health and fitness journey. Whether you choose to take advantage of one, a few, or all of them, your membership fee never changes.

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