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While we know that health is not a 30-day or 60-day or 75-day challenge, we also know that how you choose to spend those days can make a difference. 60DTS is our way of helping you build consistency with five healthy habits.

By adding these healthy habits to your daily life, and sticking with them consistently, you will not only work on GETTING healthier, you will work on BEING healthier, long-term.   

While we don't intend for this 60-day challenge to be an "end-all" for anything, it is designed to help you build the habits and consistency that will serve you from here on out. 


Tell Me Who It's For!

60DTS is designed to be an effective consistency-building challenge for everyone; from those just starting out on their health and fitness journey (Level 1: Beginner), to those who’ve been doing this a while and are ready to dial up their consistency (Level 2: Intermediate) to those who’ve got it down and are ready to challenge themselves to level up (Level 3: Advanced).

(To participate in 60DTS, you must be a current STRONG by Ash B member.)

Tell Me About the 5 Habits!


Hit your daily calorie goal within +/- 100 calories each day. 

(If you are new to the program, your calorie goal will be assigned when you join, based on information you provide regarding your goals, activity level, etc.) 


Complete our daily resistance training workouts (Monday through Friday) as well as one 30-minute workout of your choice over the weekend. 


Prioritize protein daily. (See more information below on protein expectations relative to each level.) 


Hit a weekly step goal you set for yourself. 

  • Choose a goal that is reasonable, but challenges you
  • Minimum 42,000 steps per week (which equates to 6,000 steps per day)


Consume a BAS or veggie-heavy meal daily. 

Tell Me About the 3 Levels!

With three different levels of varying expectations, we're sure you can find one that is just right for YOU! 

Level 1: Beginner 

You are new (or new-ish) to our program and feel like you could use some simpler requirements to jump start your foray into healthy habit building. 

  • Hit at least 80% consistency each week with reaching your assigned daily calorie goal (+/-100 calories)
  • Prioritize protein by getting in at least 20g per meal and at least 10g per snack
  • Hit an overall 80% consistency each week with the four remaining habits, combined (workouts, protein, steps, BAS)

Level 2: Intermediate

This level is great for those who are familiar with our program and five habits, and have had some success sticking to them. 

  • Hit at least 80% consistency each week with reaching your assigned daily calorie goal (+/- 100 calories)
  • Hit at least 80% consistency with your daily workouts each week
  • Prioritize protein by getting within 20g of your assigned protein goal
  • Hit an overall 80% consistency each week with protein, steps, and BAS

Level 3: Advanced

This level is designed for those who are familiar with our program and habits, have had success staying consistent with them, and are ready to challenge themselves to truly level up by dialing in their consistency with all five habits. 

  • Hit at least 80% consistency with reaching your assigned daily calorie goal (+/-100 calories)
  • Hit at least 80% consistency with your daily workouts each week
  • Hit at least 80% consistency each week by getting within 10g of your assigned protein goal
  • Hit at least 80% consistency with reaching your step goal each week
  • Hit at least 80% consistency with consuming a BAS or veggie-heavy meal daily each week

Being consistent with all five habits, regardless of level, will help you make progress toward your goals. Keep in mind though that the more challenging the level, the more progress you should expect to see when that level's consistency is reached. 

We encourage you to choose a level that is reasonable for where you currently are in your health and fitness journey, but that challenges you to grow. 

Tell Me About the Small Teams! 


Not only do we offer you the tools (see below) to help you reach your goals, we offer you an incredible community of support, too! Our private Facebook group (limited to STRONG members only) is a GREAT place to get extra encouragement and support during your STRONG journey and this 60-day challenge. 

Want something even more personal? Take advantage of our small teams! Teams of 4-5 members encourage each other in our private Facebook group throughout the 60-day process, adding a more personal level of accountability and support.

(Psst... in our opinion, small teams are one of the most valuable add-ons we offer in our program, truly setting us apart from the rest.)

Tell Me About the Tools!

With tracking sheets designed to help you hit every goal, we've got all the tools you'll need to make this 60 days a success!

Tell Me About the Prizes! 

While we know getting healthy is reward enough, we’re going to sweeten the deal!

Each week, we will have a consistency prize drawing, and at the close of the challenge, we will have a pretty darn impressive grand prize drawing! Overall, we will be giving away more than $1000 in awesome prizes designed to help you be your healthiest, fittest YOU!

Weekly drawings:

Earn entries into the weekly consistency drawing by hitting your weekly goals, based on your level. (Weekly check-in must be turned in AND you must hit your weekly goals to earn entry.)

Earn an entry each week you hit your goals, regardless of whether or not you hit your goals the previous week.  

Grand prize drawing:

Earn an entry into the grand prize drawing by hitting your weekly goals each of the NINE weeks. (Each of the nine weekly check-ins must be turned in AND you must hit your weekly goals each of the nine weeks to be eligible for the grand prize.)


Tell Me About the WHY behind 60DTS!


Hi, friends! I'm Ashlee!

I created 60DTS after seeing several challenges circulating that required participants to restrict some aspect of their current diet. 

I thought to myself "They don't have to do that to get results," and began focusing on a consistency program that didn't cut out the foods and drinks you love, but rather added more good things to your life. 

The STRONG5 habits require focus, self-discipline, and the desire to want to become a healthier version of yourself, without the restrictions that often cause the body to return back to where it started once the challenge is over and you've added your favorite foods/drinks back in. 

The goal of 60DTS is to make these habits as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth, leaving you with the ability to stay in control of your nutrition and exercise habits, while also living a life you actually love. 

Remember, the point of this all is to make your life BETTER, and that is exactly what we (and this challenge) are here to do! 

"Last year was my first year for 60DTS, and it really helped me set my habits in stone!!"

- STRONG Member

"After last year's 60DTS, it’s just natural to have these habits in my daily routine!" 

- STRONG Member

"60DTS is my favorite! It is a great challenge, and you will really like the results!""

- STRONG Member



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60 Days to STRONG!